Friday, January 06, 2006

New Sahko releases coming next week

Sahko is one of those labels that has had such an influence on so many electronic artists and musicicans that it's impossible to not be excited about a new batch of releases... even if they are just re-issues!

Chances are, though, that a lot of you will have missed out on them first time around, so this is a perfect opportunity for you to reaquaint yourself with some of the most strikingly minimal sounds ever commited to vinyl or CD.

With represses of Rontgen, Kvantti and Tulkinta by Mika Vainio under his Null guise plus the Pansonic EP and even the wonderful Philus CD, you're guaranteed to be wowed by the undeniably unique nature of these records.

Expected sometime midweek you'll be advised to keep your eyes peeled!

Ryoondo-tea CDs - In stock

I'm pleased to announce that we finally have the new Ryoondo-tea releases from Japan in stock. Been waiting for them for some time and they've more than lived up to expectations.

Plot. and PsysEx deliver artist albums of the highest calibre and there's also a beautiful compilation featuring tracks from some of the recent releases plus a few new bits as well.

If you're unfamiliar with the label you can expect a serious amount of high-class Electronica which ranges from Plop / Spekk style organic minimalism to a more groove based, refined and reduced flava (notably on the PsysEx release).

Packaging is lush, sounds are crisp and mastered to perfection and generally if you're a fan of modern contemporary electronic music, this should definitely be a label that you check out with all haste.


Head on over to to check them out.

Happy New Year from Smallfish

Happy New Year to you all and welcome to a brand new year in the life of Smallfish Records.

Expect lots of posts and lots of news about what's happening release wise and events in the store wise this year as we've got some great shows lined up and plenty of good things for you to listen to.

Peace to you all and may 2006 be a fabulous year for everyone.