Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Smallfish Label Release - Remote_ - Celestion - FISH12CM-01

It’s with a great deal of personal pride that I can reveal the new Smallfish CDr release by Remote_ coming, for the first time, on a regular sized disc instead of a 3”.

Celestion was originally going to be split into 2 parts and released on 2 separate 3” CDs. However, the decision was taken to put out our first 5” CD instead and leave it intact as one long 40 minute piece.

Those of you that are familiar with the edited version on the Celestion EP released on Meanwhile in 2005 will probably instantly recognise it from the chord sounds. Suffice to say that the edit used a variety of static samples of the chords whereas the original was filtered and tweaked and delayed live throughout the whole 40 minutes!

It lies within the dub Techno sphere of music using a minimalist style with two simple chords, a meaty bassline and a simple melodic tone to add depth. Using the mixer the delays and reverbs were then fed back on themselves to give it that echo tone that you associate with the
Berlin sound. It glides gracefully, gently morphing, dropping out and then fading back in with a simple groove that should lock you in.

Halfway through, though, the tone changes into a more groove-based arrangement with a stronger, pulsating beat kicking in, a more percussive tone and an even more hypnotic use of the chord sound. Again, it’s all about the gentle movement of the effects and that’s what gives Celestion its momentum.

Close in spirit (if not in actual sound) to the longer works of Rod Modell or even the classic 40 minute epic of TV Victor, this is a CD to put on, relax to and engage with.

We hope you love Celestion as much as we do and we’re thrilled to be able to announce this numbered limited edition as an exclusive for our customers.

Check Celestion out here...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smallfish Label Release - Joseph Auer - Monochromatic Sunlight - FISH8CM-07

We're proud to unveil a release from Joseph Auer who has a previously recorded work for Boltfish, Rednetic and a whole host of netlabels. His sound is one of Detroit-styled warmth and groove and that's exactly what we've got for you with this super EP.

Monochromatic Sunlight comes with 4-tracks, all of which are imbued with a deliciously honest approach - Joe's never afraid to wear his heart on his musical sleeve - and a sense of melody which is timeless. 4/4 beats collide with lush pads and are then treated to analogue melodies which set the tracks off a treat. I've always compared his work to the likes of the Delsin and Headspace labels and artists like Vince Watson and Arne Weinberg, and that still holds true to a certain extent. But the more you listen to his work the more the personality shines through and you instinctively know when you're listening to an Auer production.

A gorgeous release, then and one which we're thrilled to be able to offer you.

Big thanks to Joe for sharing his sounds and allowing us to put this out!

Check it out here...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pre-orders available from Smallfish - 08/02/07

Deepchord - Vantage Isle - Echospace - 2x12”"+7”" - £18.99 - Coming soon

I don’'t really think I need to say a great deal about this most anticipated of releases. Due at the beginning of March (or thereabouts) it’'s going to be a whopper of a must-have item for fans of deep, dubby Techno. Featuring not only the Deepchord track but also remixes from Echospace and Convextion, it'’s one of those things that you’ll really kick yourselves over if you miss out. Use the link below to head straight on over to the pre-order page. This item will ship as soon as it comes into stock.

Pre-order item here...

Convextion - Miranda Remixes - Matrix - 2x12"” - £17.99 - Coming soon

Once again, this is a record that doesn'’t really need a great deal of introduction. Convextion’'s Miranda is a wonderful track and this double pack comes with the original plus remixes from Deepchord, Echospace and Psykofuk (Sean Deason). Large stuff indeed and a classic slab of vinyl in the making. Do not miss out on this one! Scheduled for the next couple of weeks or so this item will ship as soon as it comes into stock.

Pre-order item here...

Various - Brittle Behaviour -
Cactus Island - CD - £7.99 - Released 16/02/07

Wonderful new compilation (5”", not 3"”) from one of the
UK’'s premier Electronica labels and it features something of an all star cast. Tracks from Isan, Maps and Diagrams, Soundhacker, Slemper, Digitonal, Poborsk, Bichi, Weave, Sabi, Quiroga and more all guarantee you a fine, fine listening experience with the emphasis firmly on crunch and melody. Beautifully put together and nicely presented, this is an essential for collectors of the 3"” CDs and fans of good music in general.

Pre-order item here...

Joseph Auer - Monochromatic Sunlight - Smallfish - 3”"CD - £4.99 - Released

Another splendid release in our series of limited edition 3"” CDs and this time it comes courtesy of the frankly brilliant Joseph Auer. Deep, lush, authentically
Detroit sounding tracks with acres of warmth and depth. We love Joe'’s music and we'’re proud to be able to bring you this absolute beauty of an EP. 4 tracks of sheer pleasure limited to 100 copies.

Pre-order item here...

Remote_ - Celestion - Smallfish - CD - £7.99 - Released

First release on a 5”", full-length CD for Smallfish and it’s from our very own Remote_. It’s the 40 minute, original version of Celestion (edited and remixed for the Celestion EP 12"” on Meanwhile). Smooth, hypnotic and dubbed out Techno with a head-nodding flavour and plenty of echo and reverb. Fans of the deep stuff will probably rather enjoy this. Limited to 100 copies only.

Pre-order item here...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shuttle358 - Frame - 12k - CD - Available for pre-order

Exciting news... one of the key releases from the wonderful 12k label is being reissued on the limited edition offshoot of the main label. Shuttle358's 'Frame' is undoubtedly one of the most lovely electronic albums of the era and still sounds absolutely cutting edge to this day.

Originally released in 2001, Dan Abrams used his considerable skills to provide us with a delicious cocktail of melancholy melody, deep chords and simple, effective clicky percussive elements. Altogether it makes for a compelling, beautiful and engaging listen... an essential listen, in fact, if you're a fan of Electronica or 12k.

We're pre-selling it at the rather splendid price of £7.99 so get in there to secure yourself a copy of this genuinely brilliant album. Scheduled for a mid-February release.

Smallfish Review

I wondered if this marvellous album would ever get a reissue and I'm extremely pleased to announce that, yes indeed, Taylor Deupree has decided to press up a limited run of one of Dan Abrams' most startling pieces of work.

Frame was originally released in 2001 to huge critical acclaim - not surprising as it took the established clicks & cuts sound of the time and imbued it with such a luscious amount of depth and warmth that it charmed an awful lot of people around the world. That said, 12k was a slightly more low-key label back in those days and a whole lot of people missed out on what was to become one of the key releases in the electronic music genre.

Since then his other albums have gone on to be hugely succesful and Frame has become even more sought after, so here, at last, is your chance to grab yourself a copy of this beautiful, mellow, thoughtfully engaging album. Deep swathes of electronic sound and melody combine with seemingly simple (yet, I suspect, surprisingly complex) rhythmic structures that keep the whole thing flowing from beginning to end.

You only need to listen to some of the tracks to understand why this album is so good and after 5 years why it's still one of the best releases of its type. OK. That's enough ranting from me... nab yourself a copy without delay... you won't regret it!"

Check out and pre-order...

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Smallfish Recent Items - Tuesday 06/02/07

In a bid to keep everyone up to date, I'll be posting
the days releases on a daily basis.

To kick things off, here are the most recent releases at Smallfish.


techno / electro, soa1210, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

** RECOMMENDED! Shed can't do a thing wrong.
Simple as that. These remixes are great and come
from Echoplex, Shawn Rudiman and MBC...

* * *

techno / electro, styraxleaves008, 02/02/2007 --

** RECOMMENDED! Sven Weisemann has put together a
lovely 4-track EP here for the brilliant Styrax
label. Concnetrating on deep, flowing, lightly dubby
Techno sounds, this has the flavour that you just
know you're going to love. It's all about
the hypnotic sounds and gentle chord structures as
well as classic Detroit-laced percussion...

* * *

techno / electro, present02, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

** RECOMMENDED! Redshape puts in another brilliant
release, this time on a green vinyl slab on Present
records. 2 cuts of wonderfully produced, gritty, yet
flowing Techno of the variety that I think we all
know that I love to bits! One side has a more
heads-down, tracky feel whilst the flip ups the
melodic content with some lush Detroit chords and
pads. You know the deal with this.....

* * *

electronica, ben031-cd, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

** RECOMMENDED! Christ has garnered something of a
reputation for himself. Apart from the fact that
he's got quite a musical pedigree (and I think
we all know why that is!) he produces fine quality
Electronica of the variety that makes for soothing,
mellow, occasionally strange listening. With Blue
Shift you get a full length album for a real bargain
price and it's full of beautiful, detailed, warm
and friendly tracks that will charm even the most
jaded punter...

* * *

techno / electro, aw006, 02/02/2007 -- £13.99

** RECOMMENDED! The one-man producing machine that
is Arne Weinberg gives us his first long-player on
his own AW label. Not only is he very, very good at
delivering Detroit influenced, machine-funk Techno
but he also gets his hands on some deliciously put
together interlude tracks that take the form of
ambient Electronica and fresh beats. They serve to
punctuate the more upbeat Techno and Electro tracks
beautifully and really give it a personality of its

* * *

electronica, bolt036, 05/02/2007 -- £5.49

David Newlyn's full-length CD for Boltfish is a
splendid adventure through the sound of melodic
Electronica. There's not a moment here that
doesn't capture a superbly melancholic feeling
of genuine blissfulness. Sunny afternoons and warm,
hazy days spent with friends spring to mind and the
mellow, downbeat flavour of the beats perfectly
compliments the sparkling showers of melodic

* * *

electronica, bolt035, 05/02/2007 -- £5.49

Back in stock. Boltfish kick off in 2007 with a
superb long-player from Rednetic boss and prolific
musician Zainetica. A seriously fine collection of
tracks that blur the boundaries between Electronica,
Electro and Techno with a great deal of ease and

* * *

electronica, karu7, 05/02/2007 -- £10.99

Back in stock... One of my favourite releases of the
moment! Room40 head honcho Lawrence English has
really produced quite a sublime piece of work here
for French label Baskaru. Featuring additional
elements from the likes of Janek Schaefer, Aki Onda
and Mike Cooper, he's blended his sound sources
to create a soothing, deeply textural and amazingly
warm collection of tracks...

* * *

techno / electro, huume11, 05/02/2007 -- £4.99

Luomo really does have a unique sound and it shines
through, as ever, on this 12" taken from the CD
album. Not sure why it's taken so long for us to
get it, mind you, but that's another issue
altogether. Anyway, musically it's a cunning
blend of sweet vocals, House elements and an overall
minimal Techno flavour that all blend together to
make a compelling, instantly accessible vibe...

* * *

house, c-cc04, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

Funky, old-School, proper sounding Electro-House
that has a definite charm (and some wonderfully out
of tune synth sounds as well!), perky vocals and
chunky old rhythms. Flip for the key track
'D'Rail' which is a classic slab of
Acid House with a springy bassline and splendid 303
tweak. ...

* * *

techno / electro, catenaccio06, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

Can't remember the original of this track to be
honest, but what I can tell you is that Ricardo
Villalobos has turned in a smashing remix in his
trademark style. Bumpy, stripped-down beats and a
fat bass texture mixed with cunning edits that make
you want to dance. High class...

* * *

techno / electro, mm130, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

Cracking slab of Techno wax from Petar Dundov. Has a
slightly vintage sound on the A-side with a driving,
punchy piece of looped up pleasure. Using a 303 to
punctuate the track, it has a bit of an old school

* * *

techno / electro, db008, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

It's the big one! Audion and Kevin Saunderson
have provided remixes of this perky old Techno track
and, by gum, they've done it proud.
Audion's version is stripped, funky and full of
his flavour. Bumpy percussion and a full-bodied
dancefloor feel...

* * *

techno / electro, sud009, 02/02/2007 -- £4.99

Sud Electronic's releases are always deep,
always funky and always worth checking out and now
label honcho Portable has delivered a very fine
2-tracker. I must admit I wasn't that sure
about the vocal element to begin with, but the more
I listen to it the more I'm convinced that they
really do work! Beautifull production and a hypnotic,
underground feel all combine to give you a tracky
slice of minimal dancefloor action that really
stands out. Quality....

* * *

guitar based, rd263372, 02/02/2007 -- £15.99

Moondog's sound is so unique, so oddball and
yet so utterly engaging and this double CD of rare
recordings is just fascinating from beginning to
end. Spanning 5 decades the compositions on offer
here range from his earlier, traditional, yet
classical sounding pieces with lyrics right through
to his more percussive, abstract work towards the
end of his life. Often quoted as a major influence
on a host of musicians.....

* * *

electronica, staubgold72cd, 02/02/2007 -- £12.49

Well, I guess it was only a matter of time before
the Buddha Machine was the subject of a compilation
of reworks. What's surprising is just how damn
this is. Featuring tracks by Robert Henke, Thomas
Fehlmann, Mapstation, Minit, SunnO))), Alog, Adrian
Sherwood, Blixa Bargeld, Kammerflimmer Kollektief,
ES, Gudrun Gut and more it's a real voyage
through the compositional possibilites of this
humble looking machine...

* * *

techno / electro, kust001, 02/02/2007 -- £13.99

The master of analogue Electro is back, and this
time he's brought a whole double pack with him.
Every track here is put together with a retro,
underground feel and features his trademark synth
sounds and wicked beats. From Drexciyan style
aquatic grooves to upbeat, slightly more
Dopplereffekt-ish sounds this album really covers
the whole gamut of styles...

* * *

techno / electro, cr12-31, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

Rough and ready sounds from the one and only James
Cotton under his JTC guise. There's a menacing,
deep and dark feel here that gives a healthy nod to
Chicago and Detroit and you also get some wicked
clattering percussion. Minimal in style, full of
flavour and, generally, just a solid slice of
dancefloor action...

* * *

techno / electro, sd04, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

Freshly squeezed goods from the SD imprint. Syncom
Data provides 3 wicked cuts of Techno / Electro that
will seriously fill some floors. The beats version is
tracky, groovy and full of synthed out bass sounds
that make you want to dance...

* * *

techno / electro, trust13, 02/02/2007 -- £6.99

Dave Kempston's Clatterbox project has been
delving into the field of sci-fi Electro for many
years. First on the legendary Clear label, then on
his own Z-Bop imprint and now for the most excellent
Austrian Electro label, Trust. This EP features 4
future funk tracks that rock it out

* * *

electronica, ess006cd, 02/02/2007 -- £13.49

Rapoon's 'From Shadows Sleep' is a
masterful series of ambient, drone-based excursions,
evocatie of lonely places and dense, otherworldly
experiences. Drifting flutes and intensely heavy
layering give you just the right level of immersion
to really let yourself go and coupled with the wall
of sound (yet still subtle) guitar textures
you've got a truly majestic work. Stunning,
quite frankly....

* * *

guitar based, van128, 01/02/2007 -- £4.99

A beautifully presented limited edition CD from the
marvellous Static Caravan label. 100 copies
available and well worth snaffling if you're a
fan of Joanna Newsom (vocally) or Tunng (musically).
Deep, folky sounds with lively percussion and guitar
playing combined with quirky vocal elements and a
footstomping tempo...

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