Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Smallfish Label Release - Remote_ - Celestion - FISH12CM-01

It’s with a great deal of personal pride that I can reveal the new Smallfish CDr release by Remote_ coming, for the first time, on a regular sized disc instead of a 3”.

Celestion was originally going to be split into 2 parts and released on 2 separate 3” CDs. However, the decision was taken to put out our first 5” CD instead and leave it intact as one long 40 minute piece.

Those of you that are familiar with the edited version on the Celestion EP released on Meanwhile in 2005 will probably instantly recognise it from the chord sounds. Suffice to say that the edit used a variety of static samples of the chords whereas the original was filtered and tweaked and delayed live throughout the whole 40 minutes!

It lies within the dub Techno sphere of music using a minimalist style with two simple chords, a meaty bassline and a simple melodic tone to add depth. Using the mixer the delays and reverbs were then fed back on themselves to give it that echo tone that you associate with the
Berlin sound. It glides gracefully, gently morphing, dropping out and then fading back in with a simple groove that should lock you in.

Halfway through, though, the tone changes into a more groove-based arrangement with a stronger, pulsating beat kicking in, a more percussive tone and an even more hypnotic use of the chord sound. Again, it’s all about the gentle movement of the effects and that’s what gives Celestion its momentum.

Close in spirit (if not in actual sound) to the longer works of Rod Modell or even the classic 40 minute epic of TV Victor, this is a CD to put on, relax to and engage with.

We hope you love Celestion as much as we do and we’re thrilled to be able to announce this numbered limited edition as an exclusive for our customers.

Check Celestion out here...

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