Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shuttle358 - Frame - 12k - CD - Available for pre-order

Exciting news... one of the key releases from the wonderful 12k label is being reissued on the limited edition offshoot of the main label. Shuttle358's 'Frame' is undoubtedly one of the most lovely electronic albums of the era and still sounds absolutely cutting edge to this day.

Originally released in 2001, Dan Abrams used his considerable skills to provide us with a delicious cocktail of melancholy melody, deep chords and simple, effective clicky percussive elements. Altogether it makes for a compelling, beautiful and engaging listen... an essential listen, in fact, if you're a fan of Electronica or 12k.

We're pre-selling it at the rather splendid price of £7.99 so get in there to secure yourself a copy of this genuinely brilliant album. Scheduled for a mid-February release.

Smallfish Review

I wondered if this marvellous album would ever get a reissue and I'm extremely pleased to announce that, yes indeed, Taylor Deupree has decided to press up a limited run of one of Dan Abrams' most startling pieces of work.

Frame was originally released in 2001 to huge critical acclaim - not surprising as it took the established clicks & cuts sound of the time and imbued it with such a luscious amount of depth and warmth that it charmed an awful lot of people around the world. That said, 12k was a slightly more low-key label back in those days and a whole lot of people missed out on what was to become one of the key releases in the electronic music genre.

Since then his other albums have gone on to be hugely succesful and Frame has become even more sought after, so here, at last, is your chance to grab yourself a copy of this beautiful, mellow, thoughtfully engaging album. Deep swathes of electronic sound and melody combine with seemingly simple (yet, I suspect, surprisingly complex) rhythmic structures that keep the whole thing flowing from beginning to end.

You only need to listen to some of the tracks to understand why this album is so good and after 5 years why it's still one of the best releases of its type. OK. That's enough ranting from me... nab yourself a copy without delay... you won't regret it!"

Check out and pre-order...

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