Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pre-orders available from Smallfish - 08/02/07

Deepchord - Vantage Isle - Echospace - 2x12”"+7”" - £18.99 - Coming soon

I don’'t really think I need to say a great deal about this most anticipated of releases. Due at the beginning of March (or thereabouts) it’'s going to be a whopper of a must-have item for fans of deep, dubby Techno. Featuring not only the Deepchord track but also remixes from Echospace and Convextion, it'’s one of those things that you’ll really kick yourselves over if you miss out. Use the link below to head straight on over to the pre-order page. This item will ship as soon as it comes into stock.

Pre-order item here...

Convextion - Miranda Remixes - Matrix - 2x12"” - £17.99 - Coming soon

Once again, this is a record that doesn'’t really need a great deal of introduction. Convextion’'s Miranda is a wonderful track and this double pack comes with the original plus remixes from Deepchord, Echospace and Psykofuk (Sean Deason). Large stuff indeed and a classic slab of vinyl in the making. Do not miss out on this one! Scheduled for the next couple of weeks or so this item will ship as soon as it comes into stock.

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Various - Brittle Behaviour -
Cactus Island - CD - £7.99 - Released 16/02/07

Wonderful new compilation (5”", not 3"”) from one of the
UK’'s premier Electronica labels and it features something of an all star cast. Tracks from Isan, Maps and Diagrams, Soundhacker, Slemper, Digitonal, Poborsk, Bichi, Weave, Sabi, Quiroga and more all guarantee you a fine, fine listening experience with the emphasis firmly on crunch and melody. Beautifully put together and nicely presented, this is an essential for collectors of the 3"” CDs and fans of good music in general.

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Joseph Auer - Monochromatic Sunlight - Smallfish - 3”"CD - £4.99 - Released

Another splendid release in our series of limited edition 3"” CDs and this time it comes courtesy of the frankly brilliant Joseph Auer. Deep, lush, authentically
Detroit sounding tracks with acres of warmth and depth. We love Joe'’s music and we'’re proud to be able to bring you this absolute beauty of an EP. 4 tracks of sheer pleasure limited to 100 copies.

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Remote_ - Celestion - Smallfish - CD - £7.99 - Released

First release on a 5”", full-length CD for Smallfish and it’s from our very own Remote_. It’s the 40 minute, original version of Celestion (edited and remixed for the Celestion EP 12"” on Meanwhile). Smooth, hypnotic and dubbed out Techno with a head-nodding flavour and plenty of echo and reverb. Fans of the deep stuff will probably rather enjoy this. Limited to 100 copies only.

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