Thursday, February 22, 2007

Smallfish Label Release - Joseph Auer - Monochromatic Sunlight - FISH8CM-07

We're proud to unveil a release from Joseph Auer who has a previously recorded work for Boltfish, Rednetic and a whole host of netlabels. His sound is one of Detroit-styled warmth and groove and that's exactly what we've got for you with this super EP.

Monochromatic Sunlight comes with 4-tracks, all of which are imbued with a deliciously honest approach - Joe's never afraid to wear his heart on his musical sleeve - and a sense of melody which is timeless. 4/4 beats collide with lush pads and are then treated to analogue melodies which set the tracks off a treat. I've always compared his work to the likes of the Delsin and Headspace labels and artists like Vince Watson and Arne Weinberg, and that still holds true to a certain extent. But the more you listen to his work the more the personality shines through and you instinctively know when you're listening to an Auer production.

A gorgeous release, then and one which we're thrilled to be able to offer you.

Big thanks to Joe for sharing his sounds and allowing us to put this out!

Check it out here...

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