Sunday, April 01, 2007

Smallfish Label Release - Pola - Perdu - FISH8CM-08

We're stoked to be able to bring you this thoroughly brilliant 3" CD release from Japanese artist Pola. You may remember his quite frankly superb releases for both Plop and Commune Disc... if you do, you'll know just what a treat is in store for you.

I first heard a couple of these tracks just under a year ago and was blown away by them. After a little negotiation and a couple of conversations (big thank you to Nao Sugimoto for sorting it out for me!) I was thrilled to have secured both tracks I really wanted and a real bonus in the shape of 2 extra cuts.

You'll warm to these immediately I know as Pola has given them such a warm, clicky and deep sound that fans of minimalist Techno and Electronica are sure to be mighty impressed. What's really great though is the middle section of the EP which comes on in a surprisingly funky Detroit kind of way... looped chords, wicked 4/4 beats and a truly hypnotic feel. Superb! The final track is just sublime and allows itself to drift magnificently with luscious chords and intricate, yet almostbeatless percussive style.

As ever this is coming in an edition of 100 copies never to be pressed again so make sure you get your hands on a copy! Big thanks to Pola for providing us with this absolute gem. Highly, highly recommended.

Check it out here...

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