Monday, April 16, 2007

Smallfish Label Release - Zainetica - Formulation EP - FISH8CM-09

Welcome aboard to Zainetica, the man behind the excellent Rednetic imprint and producer of Detroit-laced Electronica for labels such as Boltfish, Bubblewrap Industries, Wyrd Skies and now Smallfish.

Zainetica's sound concentrates on a great hybrid of styles using crunchy rhythmic elements, synthetic chord sounds and a healthy nod to the Motor City which fuels most of his tracks. Electro influences abound on this quirky, beautifully produced 3-tracker and there's as much groove and funk as there is melody. Interestingly this is one of his most 4/4-based releases and a couple of the tracks here should really appeal if you're into Detroit Techno... particularly the 2nd cut which is a real hypnotic number with super sounds and a deep bassline. You'll also find that if you're a fan of labels like Rednetic and Boltfish that this should definitely tickle your fancy and we're really chuffed to be able to bring you yet another quality edition in our limited 3" series.

Many thanks to Zainetica for getting involved and allowing us to put out yet another high class Electronica EP!

Check it out here...

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