Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smallfish Reborn

New logo and ownership but retaining the same passion for quality electronic music... Smallfish is once more entering a new phase.

I've always loved electronic music and as Smallfish has slowly become more and more my baby, it seemed natural to take it on on my own. Yes, it's going to be hard and very much a full time job (oh yes...) but I still feel it's important to represent the physical side of music in this day and age.

As people move towards downloading more and more, I have to ask myself if we're not losing something that's an integral part of music. The tactile side, if you like, where a sense of ownership and simply having something is an important part of the experience.

Now that there are more labels producing more releases than ever it can be somewhat overwhelming. And the fact that a lot of these releases are limited in nature can make it even more difficult to source new releases. I aim to try and provide an outlet for those people that like to get as much as they can in one place making for a more convenient way of shopping.

As ever I'm driven by love, not money, which is why you'll find Smallfish stocking small quantities of very hard to find releases. As I get back on a more even keel over the next few months you can expect a more regular dose of releases that are more widely available, but they'll be mixed in amongst the likes of U-Cover, Experimedia, Ghost Sounds, 12k, Silentes, Boltfish, Ampoule and all the other labels I love to represent. Not to mention, of course, the releases on my own Smallfish imprint.

So, here's to another era for Smallfish... may it be a long and happy one!



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