Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mille Plateaux / Force Inc. Back Catalogue - IN STOCK

One of the most influential labels of modern times, Mille Plateaux was responsible for some seminal releases - just look at their back catalogue and you'll see what I mean.

Initially a collaboration between Air Liquide's Blue label and the already well established Force Inc. Music Works it was created to represent the more leftfield, Electronica-based side of the sounds they were creating.

Looking back at albums such as the 'Modulation & Transformation' series, the 'Clicks & Cuts' series and watershed releases from artists such as Alec Empire, Wolfgang Voigt (aka Gas), Steel, Oval, SND and many more, you get a sense of just how important their output really was.

Bearing that in mind I'm pleased to say that we've struck gold in the way of old and exciting bits from the back catalogue.

Included in this windfall are albums from the likes of Dan Abrams (aka Shuttle358), Shuttle358, Frank Bretschneider, SND, Geoff White, Mikael Stavostrand (aka Vita), Donnacha Costello, Sutekh, Twerk, Achim Wollscheid (on Ritornel), Stephan Mathieu, Sturm and many many more.

These releases are on Mille Plateaux, Force Inc., Force Lab and, of course, Ritornel and feature some truly wonderful music.

If you're into Electronica and fancy hearing some of the best music that came out in the last 10 years, do yourself a favour and check these out!

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