Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oto-graph - Sounds In Motion - Ryoondo-tea - CD

Ryoondo-tea is another one of those excellent Japanese labels that release delightfully melodic Electronica that's relatively hard to get hold of.

Their new release comes from Oto-graph and really is a little belter!

Melancholy, perky and very, very sweet it uses electronics and organic sounds to create a lush palette from which they've arranged some lovely tunes. Chopped-up samples and fresh rhythms feature along with a similar musical element to, for example, the work of Keiichi Sugimoto (aka Fonica). It has a less experimental sound, though, and there's a purity here that's very easy-going and very appealing.

As ever, if you're into electronic music in any way, this label is always worth checking out.

Available now for £11.99.

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