Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Smallfish Label Release - Mikkel Meyer - N. EP - FISH8CM-02

Once again we're thrilled to be able to announce another Smallfish label release.

The second in the limited edition 3" CD series from Smallfish comes from Danish artist Mikkel Meyer and, boy, it's a goodie! Following the complex, ultra-deep tones of Soundhacker's EP last month, Mikkel turns his hand to a dubbier, more Berlin-centric EP. Fusing Jazz, Electronica and pure dub Techno, he imbues his tracks with static, hiss and funk to the point where this could quite easily be the new ~Scape label release.

Freaked out samples that are cut-up and looped to perfection meet incredibly detailed rhythmic structures to create a dense, funky vibe that will move you as well as engage you. Jan Jelinek, Pole and Andrew Pekkler are all valid reference points, yet Mikkel gives each and every track his own unique flavour, partly thanks to his own live double bass playing. Fourth track 'N4' is simply a beast with its heavy 4/4 beat, wonderfully deep bassline and layers of reverbed stabs and chords... stunning!

As per the last release this comes in an edition of 100 copies only... that's it... never to be pressed again, so get yourself in there and experience some pure Danish pleasure - you won't regret it!

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