Monday, June 19, 2006

Smallfish Label Release - Monostation - Greyscale EP - FISH8CM-03

Monday 19th June spells the releases of our new limited edition 3" CD and we're thrilled to be able to announce that Monostation have provided us with a 3-tracker of exceptional quality.

Their Alchemy series has been growing in popularity with every release and Greyscale follows a similar path, sound-wise. Deep, ultra-refined and textural guitar ambience with a wonderfully dense sound and gentle electronic manipulation. Fans of Kranky's recent output as well as the work of Windy & Carl will find this to be a most engaging piece of work. Shimmering, shining and beautiful, Monostation's Greyscale is quite simply a gem.

Only 100 copies available and only £4.99. Get in there quick at


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