Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smallfish Label Release - Cheju - Shifting Focus EP - FISH8CM-04

We here at Smallfish are lovers of Electronica. We make no bones about it and we don't particularly care whether it's trendy or not. We like it because it's good to listen to and it's just plain good for the soul.

Cheju is an artist that's been putting out great Electronica for some time now and as one half of the Boltfsih outfit he's responsible for releasing great electronic music by other artists on a regular basis. So it's *extremely* pleasing to be able to announce this fab 3" CD in our limited Smallfish series which sees Wil giving us 4 soothing, delightful and downright excellent purist Electronica tracks. Everything you'd want is here, be it melody, downbeat grooves, luscious strings and a lovely attention to detail.

From the very beginning you know you're in for a soothing ride with slightly classical sounding strings and a smashing beat. From there the tracks vary and flow beautifully with a vintage, warm and friendly sound that will appeal to fans of Cactus Island, Expanding and, of course, Boltfish. It's great to have Cheju on board and we're thrilled to be able to offer this great little EP to you.

Remember, though, that it's a strictly one-off edition of 100 copies and we'll never be re-pressing it! Buy with confidence!

Check it out here...

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