Monday, October 06, 2008


A little while back I received a lovely message from an artist named Mohlao. I'd been friends with him on Myspace for some time, but hadn't actually been in touch at all - such is the way of it on the monstrous sprawling beast that it's become. He gave me some props and then sent me some tracks and I've got to say that they were absolutely up my street in a big, big way.

He's influenced by dub, techno, Berlin and Detroit and he's got an awesome grasp of the stripped back groove that, in my humble opinion, will always be timeless.

Having heard a whole heap of sounds since then I can only say that I'm enjoying his music more and more. Every time I hear something new it seems to be more refined and focused, deeper and more spacious. In fact, the more recent tracks have had a beautifully groovesome flavour as well to add some balance to the ambient flavoured works - in spirit, not necessarily in sound, you understand.

Simplicity really is the key (to coin one of my own phrases) it would seem!

It won't surprise you to learn that he's got a 12" coming out in the near future on a label that's at the forefront of bring us the deepest, purest techno sounds. That's all I'll say for the time being...

In the meanwhile, I suggest you check out his Myspace page and enjoy some absolutely top class music.

Check out Mohlao's Myspace page right here...

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