Saturday, September 12, 2009

cv313 - Sailingstars - Echospace 12"

Two years after cv313’s debut release (on Smallfish, no less!) and following on from a few 12”s and the, sadly only available in Japan, Live CD comes this cracking new slab of wax.

A three-tracker, it features, for starters, the title track ‘Sailingstars’ which blends to wonderful effect the dubwise undertones of Echospace and Intrusion along with Steve’s trademark Soultek vibe on the rhythms. It’s a groover and no mistake with a 100% hypnotic 4/4 vibe and super-nice chords and sounds that roll beautifully along in conjunction with the lowdown bassline.

Flip over to find two very pleasing versions of ‘Subtraktive’, both from Intrusion. The ‘Twilight Dub’ takes it into stronger rhythmic territory whilst remaining totally true to the original vibe of the track. Heavily sub-bass laden and with those signature chords drifting along over the solid 4/4 it’s exactly the kind of mix a lot of people have wanted. Next up is the Intrusion ‘Reform’ which I really thought was going to be an ambient edit, but after some swirlingly lush pads at the beginning is actually joined by an even more robust kick drum than the previous track. Short, sweet and full of Echospace vibes through and through.

This, as they say, is a winner. Marvellous stuff – and funky looking marbled vinyl too!

Check it out here...

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