Monday, September 14, 2009

Ekca Liena - Drones Between Homes -Under The Spire CDr

After a run of releases on the excellent Dead Pilot label, Ekca Liena now delivers a superb two track drone-based work for the homegrown Under The Spire imprint.

This is a CD that demands to be listened to from beginning to end as it layers up and processes all manner of textures into a seamless and very beautiful whole. There’s an organic feel to the sounds which gives them a natural warmth – always a good thing in my humble opinion – and allows you to sink right in and enjoy the flow. The structure is canny with a gentle build in the first track, ‘The More I Cut From One’, which grows into a tense finale before drifting into the second track. ‘The More I Add To Another’ follows suit but somehow feels darker and more melancholy.

The initial segment almost comes across like the ambient elements from an Echospace release which gives it a really nice feel. From there the chords and layers take on a more muted and aquatic tone with an almost choral / church style flavour to them. Again, it drifts gently into a superb finale with epic sounds before ebbing away into more ethereal territory and then fading out.

I have to say this is absolutely brilliant and really perked up my day. You’d be advised that if you’re a lover of atmospheric or drone music that this is a strictly limited edition of 100 copies and it looks suspiciously like there aren’t any left. Another really top class release from Under The Spire.

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